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    m)Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on W▓echatNothing can be more heartbreaking for a family than when their child goes missing.New techn

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    e to missing children's familiesNew technologies give hope to missing children's families05-22-2017 17:42 B▓JTNothing can be more heartbreaking for a family than when their child goes missing. At first, they could be in denial assuming the child is temporarily lost and may soon fi

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    ld was just hiding to be naughty. And the longer it takes to recover the child, the more unlikely the kid can return safely home.Here's where every moment counts, a time for action or risk losing the child, perhaps for the rest of▓ their lives. They should alert the people nearby them, but if there had been an abductio▓n by a total stranger then more must be done.'Amber Alert'

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    United States, law enforcement authorities work with the public to ▓issue announcements when a child goes missing, known as '▓Amber Alerts.'When local police determine a child is mi▓ssing, they alert other police officers and the▓ local media

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    the identity of the missing child and encourage people to be on the look-out.China’s Ministry of Public Securi▓ty (MPS) has launched similar alerts, but with a hi-tech upgrade. The ‘Emergency Response Syst▓em,’ commonly called, "Reunion," uses a mobile APP

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for messaging the public.The▓ 'Reunion' APP ensures more efficient sharing of information and better collaboration between law enforcement officials. Citizens, who sign on to the APP, receive push notifications that▓ provide the identification and description of a missing child.China launched the 'Reunion' system las▓t year in May and it's been successful in ▓locating ove

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ildren▓.AI facial recognitionMore than 20,000 children are reported abducted in China each year. Some experts claim the real fig▓ures could be much higher.The Chinese hi-tech firm, Baidu, has introduced new Artific▓ial Intelligence (AI) facial recogn▓ition technology that has played a pivotal role to help▓ missing children reunite with their f▓amilies.Starting last March, Baidu upgraded a Chinese ▓Website, Baby Come Home, which aims ▓to upload a na

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hotos of missin▓g children.The missing children submit their photos, which get scanned and analyzed to compare with photos sent by▓ the parents of missing children. The facial recognition sys▓tem can narrow down the search to 30 families and then through further communication, families can be reuni▓ted.Fu Gu, 33, from Chongqing is one success story. He was abducted at 6-yea

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r-old and he uplo▓aded his photo on the Website. On April 1, he met his biological parents after DNA testing confirmed the match.Support system for familiesThe sad truth about China is that abductions hav▓e become a widespread social problem.Repo▓rtedly, motorcycle gangs are known to roll into public areas where children are playing. They sweep in, ▓grab them and roll out within minutes. They transport them into cars, where the children g▓et delivered to a different Chinese city to be sold.Some kidnapping gangs, who were

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arrested, ▓have informed officials the usual rate for sel▓ling a child to another family is valued at about $▓US50,000 (300-350,000RMB).Child traffickers prefer to steal boys, since Chinese culture favors families raising males over females. Hence, Chinese

cops need more▓ help to assist families in the search of abducted childr▓en.The Chinese media, such as Tencent, and domestic companies, including Alibaba, have joined i▓n to offer new technologies that upgrade the